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Book a transformational in depth 45 minute reading with 3 days of follow-up questions & support on WhatsApp.

Book a burning question reading. A laser focused 30 minute reading for the one question you really want answered.

Fearless Femme Limited is VAT registered and has to charge the relevant VAT on readings

Are you embarking on lots of change and need extra guidance & support?

Lock in support and guidance for the next 12 months with a reading each quarter

Buy your annual support for £4k and feel supported that you have 4 readings, each with 3 days of WhatsApp support that you can use each quarter.

The importance of support after a reading 

In depth readings include a 45 minute long psychic reading over Zoom, and 3 days of WhatsApp support, allowing me to support you through the implementation of the changes advised by your Guides.

*WhatsApp contact is between 9am-5pm GMT on weekdays with 2 questions per day.

The price for these days of intense spiritual mentorship and guidance is £1500 + VAT 

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God knows, there are a more than a few 'Spiritual Teachers' out there to choose from, so why should you work with me? I'm a firm believer that you will know your teacher when you find them - it might be a tiny flash of recognition, it might be a pull inside of you to find out more, it might be a collection of cool synchronistic events that led you to finding me and reading this text - either way, there's only really one way to find out if we're the right fit; come along to one of my classes and find out!

To sooth the rational mind (an essential faculty) here are the practical reasons I am better positioned than most people to be your guide on the next step of your Spiritual path:


I’m unlike any other spiritual teacher out there, with a mix of high-level practical teaching experience, a high level of intelligence (that helps me to know what you need and when), an unparalleled connection to my spirit guides and over 20 years of spiritual practice that gives me the structure to teach and lead you.

And – perhaps more importantly – I care. So much. Every single client matters and I go all in to help you create the upgrade you need in your life.

I am a doctor of Theology, with a DPhil from the university of Oxford, focusing on mystical traditions. I’m a master teacher to large groups and in one-to-one sessions with many different clients – from Oxford Undergraduates to Hollywood stars.

I have studied within, and been initiated by, the ancient esoteric groups most spiritual teachers have only heard of, and I am one of the most powerful psychics in the world, able to pinpoint exactly how you need support. 

I’m committed to your success and will provide you with the support, love and guidance you need to have huge soul breakthroughs into sacred success.

I will make you feel like you’ve finally come home.

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