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Special Masterclasses

Discussing subjects no one else is

I teach and discuss the areas of my expertise that I care the most about. I focus on subjects that are often considered taboo, or subjects that have been consistently misrepresented.


After 23 years experience as a professional spiritual advisor and mentor, as well as over 20 years in academia, I know how to teach, and have a deep passion to share what I know.  I am not afraid to tell it straight, always with my characteristic kindness. 


This also include 7 days of WhatsApp group after the class where you can safely share what is happening and connect with community.  I actively take part in the group and answer questions.


Digital Courses

Watch and learn when it suits you

These courses are accessible for you to watch and learn in your own time.  I have created courses around dating, money, business, connecting to your spirit guides and the patriarchy.

One of the most popular courses is connecting to your spirit guides and this is often the first step for people when they are seeking deeper meaning and purpose.

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