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For women, gays and theys searching for deeper meaning and purpose

I’m a spiritual teacher, mentor and psychic with over 23 years of experience. I teach a combination of ancient and modern spiritual practices, and magickal rituals, that engage your entire being and help you live a life you love without apology.

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You know you want more and you are done with apologising for this.

More power. More voice. More choice. More joy. More magick.

I am here to help teach and guide you with magickal practices to harness your inner power and help you access deeper meaning and purpose.


“As a Scorpio woman living in Los Angeles, it has been my cause celebre to the last 40 years trying out every Psychic of the Moment so that I might report back to you my findings.  And the jury is in: hands down the most powerful, insightful, intuitive, spot-on person to ever grace a desk of tarot cards is Kate Tomas.  I have been blown away by Kate's accuracy in the readings I've done with her over the last year.  Not only that, but she's a cool person!  Run, don't walk to book an appointment with her.  She does in person or over the phone...avail yourself before Oprah finds out and it's all over!”​

Megan Mullally
Actor, comedian, singer

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The most accessible way to work with me live and access incredible gems of magickal knowledge and practice.

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Ways to work with me
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Digital Courses

Courses you can watch and learn at your pace and revisit when you need them.

Monthly Masterclass

A monthly masterclass where I teach incredible gems of magickal knowledge and practice.

Spiritual Life Upgrade

A powerful and accessible membershi with weekly live classes, a curriculum, support and community.

Next Level Life

A 6 month high-level mentorship in advanced ritual magic with a very small select group.

One -to-one Readings

A 45 minute one-to-one reading with Kate, plus one week of WhatsApp support.

Hello, I’m Kate

I’m a spiritual teacher, mentor and advisor, with a doctoral degree in Theology from the University of Oxford, and over 23 years experience.

I am also one of the most highly educated and sought after practitioners in the world, holding a Masters degree in the Philosophy of Religion, and a Doctoral Degree in Philosophical Theology from the University of Oxford.

I have a thriving international practice as an intuitive advisor, & a best selling book (Chakra Crystals, 2007, 2019). I hold private practices in London, and New York where I consult for individuals as well as businesses


I work with forward-thinking women and non-binary people to teach them ancient and modern spiritual practices in a way that engages their entire being.


Rather than needing to suspend their rational minds and critical faculties, my students are encouraged to deeply explore the world of energy, astrology and spiritual practice.

More about what its like to work with me