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Dr Kate Tomas

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Boundaries for Women in Business Beginners Guide

In this beginner guide I give you the background about why we feel obliged to say YES and tips on how the break that response and create better boundaries. It also includes journal prompts and a mindfulness exercise.

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Full Psychic Reading

Book a psychic reading with me for  insights and expansion in your life 

Boundaries for Women in Business Full Course

Every secret of boundary setting, pricing correctly, how to establish and maintain clarity about what you will and won’t accept will be shared with you in an easy, fun and quick to implement way.

Burning Question Reading

A shorter, laser focused reading that is accessible and just as transformative

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My Other Signature Courses

What would it be like to have STRONG, CLEAR and  ACCURATE  spiritual guidance? 

Never feel lonely or disconnected again, have a sense of deep calm even when in the midst of drama and KNOW what to do when it really matters.

Connect with your Spirit Guides

Harness the INCREDIBLE power of Tinder to pull connections, relationships, business opportunities – in fact literally ANYTHING – from the Universe, to your feet. Learn how to use this free app to transform your life in any way you desire at all.

Tinder Magick

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The Spiritual Money Upgrade

Do you think financial security is something other people have, but is just not for you? Do you think it’s impossible that you could ever make 6 figures or more? Do you think it’s unethical to be wealthy?​ THIS IS FOR YOU!​​​

One-2-one Coaching

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Intuitive Love Life Coaching Bundle - 3 months

Three months of dating coaching: monthly live zoom calls, WhatsApp support Mon-Fri & two Masterclasses.​ Your love life and relationships are already good but you know you need to bust through and clear some final relationship blocks to create more fulfilment and authenticity and have the kind of relationship that you desire.

payment plan available

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Intuitive Business Coaching - 6 months - Monthly zooms and one week of WhatsApp a month

You know that magick is real, and energy is powerful you just don't know how to harness them to really move your business to the next level. We will work together to harness your power and move your business forward in a way that feels authentic to you; working through any blocks, crystallise actions that need to be taken for rapid change.

payment plan available


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The Spiritual Life Upgrade 12 month container for foundational magick

This is my flag-ship year-long, life-altering mentorship container that will have you feeling like you're part of a secret magickal club of kind, brilliant, funny and self-aware people (because you will be), right from the word GO.  You'll learn all the foundational work needed to become a magickal practitioner. Learn more.

payment plan available

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Next Level Life 12-month high-level mastermind in advanced magick.

You will need some experience and deep interest in meditation and energy. This is a magickal university where I have gathered all my knowledge and experience to teach you will learn ancient and modern magick that will enhance your life 1000%. This is unlike anything else. Learn more.

payment plan available

Connect with your Spirit Guides Free Meditation

More about what its like to work with me