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Work with me

Ways to work with me one-2-one, VIP or in my high-level mastermind



A powerful one-2-one experience


Readings with me are an intense and deeply meaningful journey that we go on together. I have an unusually strong and clear connection to the energy and information available to us all, and when that ability to access information is focussed on you and your life, incredible fine-grained details emerge. Messages from the Universe are clear and direct, powerfully accurate and impactfully pertinent. You leave a reading feeling SEEN and UNDERSTOOD sometimes for the first time in your life. You will have actionables, direct guidance and specific information that you might tale years to access otherwise.

45 minute long psychic reading over Zoom, and 5 full days of WhatsApp support, allowing me to support you through the implementation of the changes advised by your Guides.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

Spiritual Mentoring

Personalised spiritual mentorship designed to empower you to discover your true self and live a more fulfilled and purposeful life. You will deepen your connection with yourself  those around you and the universe. You'll learn how to strengthen your energy and use magick & ritual in your daily life.

Spiritual mentorship is a transformative experience focussed on your spiritual growth and development. It involves a deep exploration of your stories and spiritual journey, offering guidance, wisdom, and practical tools to help you cultivate a more authentic and connected way of being.

Next Level Life

A 6 month high-level mastermind

This is a container for radical uplevelling in all areas of your life.  You will be joining a small and unusual group of kind and powerful humans for a life-altering 6 months.

This program only has 5-7 spaces for women, non-binary people, and those socialised as women, who are fully ready to step into the next level of the full expression of their self,

using powerful higher level spiritual and magickal practices.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Love & Relationship Coaching

I want for you and your relationships to thrive but I don't believe in following in any rules that don't feel right for you.  I refuse to be dogmatic and am here to help you find your own way to be authentic in relationships and find ways that enable everyone to flourish.

I offer three ways to work with me when you want to focus on your love, relationships and dating life.


VIP Spiritual Life Upgrade Membership

A VIP option my membership includes a monthly reading with me 

The Spiritual Life Upgrade is an immersive experience and in depth training in energy work.  It is an immersive experience in true solidarity.  The weekly classes are led by myself and other highly skilled coaches.  There is also access to 'office hours' where you can bring any questions about the work.

This structured online learning gives you the practical tools you need to make real change immediately.


This is for switched-on, smart women and people directly impacted by misogyny, who despite all of their brilliance are still frustrated by the life they have.

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