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For women, Gays, and Theys searching for deeper meaning and purpose 



Core Values


This is the foundation of everything we do. Living and working with integrity means being radically honest with oneself, constantly reassessing one’s position, and being open to constructive discussions. It means acting and working in a way that is in direct alignment with what we say our values and mission are. 


Connection is the purpose, the cause and the effect of everything we do here. Connection to Spirit Guides, to each other, our clients, and to our core values.

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If you can connect to anyone or anything with integrity, you will find yourself with power. Power is something women have been told is not for them. We believe that the only way in which white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy will be dismantled is through every one not a cis man, taking back their power.



We are actively and intentionally working to dismantle white supremacy, patriarchy and capitalism. We are anti-racist, socialist and queer.

Vision, Mission and Purpose

We believe that it’s possible to live a joyful, wealthy life, despite trauma and divergence from the norm.

Our mission is to equip as many women*, and non-binary people as possible with the skills and mindset to liberate themselves from past trauma, build the life they dream of and create a ripple effect for other women. 


*trans women are women.

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