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Bi-weekly classes, community and module content

Coming soon...

We will be starting SLU for Men in September 2023, register your interest HERE

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The Spiritual Life Upgrade FOR MEN

For smart and self aware men and those indirectly affected by misogyny

A membership that will change your life

Are You Ready To Connect… 

To your Intuition?
To Your Sense of Meaning?
To Your Higher Purpose?

To your Next Level Self?

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What is The Spiritual Life Upgrade for Men all about?

We’ll work to connect to your own Spirit Guides; your well and healed ancestors, as well as the version of yourself unfettered by the multiple forms of oppression we have all been conditioned to accept as part of life. My hope is not to change any of us, but to work consistently and gently, to clear off the layers of conditioning, the stories that aren’t true, and the fear of showing up as our full selves, so that who you are is radiant, magnetic, and capable of doing anything you want. All in a powerful safe, supportive community.

For the full modular breakdown, click here


Join us in SLU for Men for bi-weekly classes, module content to work through at your own pace and a wonderful community of humans.

Coming soon...

We will be starting SLU for Men in September 2023, register your interest HERE

More about the Spiritual Life Upgrade

My intention for this program is to create and model a really powerful, supportive and gentle community - and from within that container, share the energy mastery practices and skills that are the core of Spiritual Life Upgrade. These practices reconnect you to the source of your own power rather than the leveraged power cis men have been so conditioned to access. 

The Spiritual Life Upgrade is an immersive experience.  Its an in depth training in energy work with group mentorship, led by myself and other highly skilled coaches.  It is formed of an intentional and in depth curriculum, structured online learning and practical tools you will learn to use and be able to make real change immediately.  You will be joining a community of other badass humans where you will find kindness, compassion and solidarity.


For the full modular breakdown, click here

Do you want more guidance and support?
Work with me one-2-one in the SLU Membership

There is a VIP option with SLU-Men which gives you access to everything in the membership and a personal reading/guidance with me each month.  This one-2-one work will help enhance SLU and provide you that extra level of guidance you might be looking for.


Coming soon...

We will be starting SLU for Men in September 2023, register your interest HERE

What our SLU students are saying...


DO IT! DO IT NOW! This program is going to completely change your life and you are worth it!


If you are being drawn to this program, please follow your intuition because there is a reason you are being called.


Step into your power and watch the life you have always dreamed about become your reality.



DR. Kate Tomas

I’m unlike any other spiritual teacher out there, with a mix of high-level practical teaching experience, a high level of intelligence (that helps me to know what you need and when), an unparalleled connection to my spirit guides and over 20 years of spiritual practice that gives me the structure to teach and lead you.

And – perhaps more importantly – I care. So much. Every single person matters and I go all in to help you create the upgrade you need in your life.

I am a doctor of Theology, with a DPhil from the university of Oxford, focusing on mystical traditions. I’m a master teacher to large groups and in one-to-one sessions with many different clients – from Oxford Undergraduates to Hollywood stars.

I have studied within, and been initiated by, the ancient esoteric groups most spiritual teachers have only heard of, and I am one of the most powerful psychics in the world, able to pinpoint exactly how you need support. 

I’m committed to your success and will provide you with the support, love and guidance you need to have huge soul breakthroughs into sacred success.

I will make you feel like you’ve finally come home.

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Who should join The Spiritual Life Upgrade for Men?

This is for switched-on, smart men and people directly indirectly impacted by misogyny, who despite all of their brilliance are still frustrated by the life they have. 

Perhaps your life as it is currently, feels disappointing; but you have no idea how to make things better, even though you want, and are capable of more.

You lack direction.
You lack connection.
You probably feel like you lack the missing piece of the jigsaw that will make you and your life whole.

You are fuelled by kindness, empathy and a genuine care for others.
You know that we need to take back control to improve our world, you just don’t know how to do it yet.

If you’re ready to learn, show up and do the work…

If you’re ready for more…

The Spiritual Life Upgrade for Men is for you.

The Inner Sanctum

One of the most important, valuable, and paradigm shifting parts of the Spiritual Life Upgrade is membership of our Inner Sanctum. This is a meticulously curated and sacred place where every member feels completely safe to share their struggles, their wins, and be pulled along in progress by the energy of the group as a whole.

You will never have been part of a community like this. The people that make up the membership are without exception kind, warm, smart, funny and committed to growth. One of the fundamental beliefs I hold is that it is only through true solidarity, that peace and growth can occur. This is solidarity in it’s most beautiful, active and powerful form. It is as free from oppression as any space is possible to be under (the lie of )white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy. It is kept safe. 

It is through our Inner Sanctum that our community connects, shares and inspires each other. It’s also where you can access group healing sessions to assist in the shedding of the blocks we encounter while doing the work. We work with world class healers and spiritual practitioners, offering unique group workshops and lectures to facilitate your transformation, and give you access to new and powerful modalities and ideas.

Another key part of our Inner Sanctum is the ‘Ask Kate Thread’ – this is a pinned post where you are invited to post any question relating to the program and your progress through it. I will always reply. You also have the combined wisdom of every other member. A simple question in this group calls forth an incredible wave of support, guidance and solidarity.


Join us in SLU for weekly & monthly live classes, module content to work through at your own pace and a wonderful community of humans.

Coming soon...

We will be starting SLU for Men in September 2023, register your interest HERE

Listen to more from our Spiritual Life Upgrade students…

But... this work is not for every man. . .

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I work with people who are ready to show up for themselves, are truly ready to tackle the often uncomfortable blocks that have been keeping them stuck and perpetuating certain behaviours. I work with people who are ready also, to move past the cultural conditioning that tells us that we are in competition with each other; that male solidarity is impossible to find. You might not have found it yet, but you must at least hold the hope of doing so!

This program is explicitly founded on the truth of solidarity. It is a fundamental principle of my work that it is through community, through solidarity and through radical integrity that men can connect with the truth of who they are in the fastest way possible, and in turn become outrageously powerful and not perpetuate oppressive behaviours.

You will be doing your own work at your own pace, but that work will be shared and supported, cheered on and celebrated as part of the community of men you are in.


The Spiritual Life Upgrade is a program carefully created and intentionally curated for men who want this. Who want the solidarity, who want the self awareness, who want to weed out the narratives keeping them in the same stories whilst in the safest space possible.

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''I am feeling a shift''

''I am feeling the connection not only to my guides but also to a deeper knowing''

''... I simply crossed paths with a powerful witch.''


In the words of our students...

Abstract Background


The Structure

We have a structured learning experience, broken down into three modules over the 6 months.

Module One: The Connection

Learn specific techniques to make a contact with your Spirit Guide team, and practices to strengthen and cement the relationship. Find out who you are really meant to be showing up as, and what the hell that looks like.


Module Two: The Protection

A deep-dive on boundaries. These two months are nothing short of a complete overhaul of your energy and how you use it. Become powerful, intentional, adored. In the process learn life-long skills to protect yourself from all forms of negativity.

Module Three: The Manifestation

Once you know what you want (Module 1), how to say no to everything you don’t (Module 2), its now time to access the power of the universe to manifest the things you desire, love and are entitled to.

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Are you ready to join us?

  • In-depth tutoring in energy mastery, delivered via online video lectures, PDF material and downloadable audio. A carefully structured learning experience, broken down into three modules.

  • Bi-Weekly Live Masterclasses that give you access to ideas, practices and re-frames of experiences for you to continue growing, changing, expanding

  • Access to the entire online material, lectures, meditations for the entirety of your membership

  • Q&A thread where you can ask Dr Kate anything and get a direct response.

  • Full access to the entire schedule of events; bi-weekly masterclasses with me, Kate; monthly sessions with different coaches.

  • Join an amazing community with different chat channels

Coming soon...

We will be starting SLU for Men in September 2023, register your interest HERE


– Olympia Valance
Actor, Model, Business Woman

Olympia (1) (1).png

“Fuck!! I’m so excited. I’ve never been so motivated and driven by something, like ever!

Your work is amazing and you should be so proud of what you do. You literally change people’s lives. So much love to you.”


Other ways to work with me


Courses you can watch and learn at your pace and revisit when you need them.

Monthly Masterclass

A monthly masterclass where I teach incredible magickal gems of knowledge and practice.

Next Level

A 6 month high-level mentorship in advanced practice with a very small select group.

One -to-one Readings

A 45 minute one-to-one reading with Kate, plus one week of WhatsApp support.

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