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the womEn's spiritual empowerment mentor dr kate tomas

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I am often asked in readings and one to one sessions, to recommend particular tools, programs and people. I have finally created a page with a list of all of the tools I rely on to run my business, that you may also need, as well as a very short list of people I have worked with and whom I can recommend with 100% confidence. 



Without exception the tools, freebies and people listed here are those I use and consult myself. Some of the links are affiliate links, some are not.

  • Canva
    I use Canva most days. It’s a free design tool that makes it possible to create stunning images, brochures, Instagram posts and PDFs without any design skill at all. This is a great bundle of templates that slot right into Canva, particularly useful to small businesses and anyone self employed. It will make creating branded and beautiful content significantly easier. Read More>>
  • HighLevel
    This is is a marketing, content and client management tool. If you are self employed and feel a little lost keeping up with what you should be doing when, and worry you might lose potential clients because you lose track of conversations on Instagram or DM, this is for you. It basically keeps everything organised and tells you who is needing a response, who needs following up with, and keeps track of every lead. Read More >>
  • Acuity Scheduling
    This is the scheduling software that I use and love. It’s extremely easy to set up and manage and I think makes it very easy for clients to choose appointment times that suit them from those available. I remember when I first installed Acuity – I couldn’t believe how easy it could be to take bookings online. Now it is the only way I use to book sessions both for my one to one clients and readings. Read More >>
  • Moonsight Planner
    This is one of my favourite discoveries this year and it is no exaggeration to describe it as a game-changer. The digital downloadable calendar plug-in for iCal or Google Calendar tells you which phase of the moon you are in, as well as which astrological element. This is such valuable information. Want to know when’s the best time to have a difficult conversation? Check in a fire sign. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! to see when the moon is next in an air sign. Want to launch a product or idea? Plan your reveal Read More>>
  • Trello
    Trello is a project management tool, which really means that it helps you to do that stuff you say you want to do. It’s like a really clever to-do list that’s online so always available, and helps you to organise your tasks in a way that makes them not feel overwhelming. If you are more of a ‘visual’ person and need to see things laid out to get them, this will be extremely useful. Read More >>
  • Mailerlite
    I love the simplicity and flexibility of MailerLite which helps me to create exciting newsletters and landing pages for my subscribers
  • The Witchcraft reading list
    Here are some books that I think are good, and valuable, interesting and helpful! The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft – Judika Illes Judika Illes is also the author of one of my other favourite books – the Encyclopedia of 5000 spells/. She’s a really excellent writer, historian and practising witch who has a multifaceted and complex understanding of ethics in magick. This book is fascinating and a really good grounding in all sorts of magickal traditions. The Green Witch – Arin Murphy Hiscock This is a good grounding in herbal witchcraft and the magickal uses of herbs and essential oils The Spiral Dance -Starhawk This is an excellent and very important book in the resurgence of witchcraft as a feminist act. Everyone who calls themselves a witch should try and read this in my opinion! The Triumph of the Moon – Ronald Hutton This is slightly more of an academic book than instructional, or how-to, but it is an excellent one. This review is pretty accurate: ‘looks at the emergence of contemporary Pagan religions, and how they not only evolved from the Pagan societies of the past, but also owe heavily to 19th-century poets and scholars. Despite his status as a scholar, Hutton’s breezy wit makes this a refreshing read, and you’ll learn far more than you ever expected to about today’s Pagan religions.’ Witchcraft for tomorrow – Doreen Valiente Valiente is one of the founders of modern Wicca – a witchcraft religion – and in this book she gives instruction on all sorts of practical issues. A worthwhile read if you’re even vaguely interested in Wicca. Apocalyptic Witchcraft – Peter Grey. This is a wonderfully weird, interesting, political and powerful book. Difficult to describe, it is more manifesto than instruction, more inspiration than history. True witchcraft in written form. (All of the publications from the Scarlet Imprint are fascinating).
  • XERO
    This is the accounting software I use, and of all of those I’ve tried, this is my favourite. Admittedly, this is asking me what my favourite least favourite thing is, but it works and I am grateful for its existence. If you run any business you do need one of these softwares. Read More >>
  • Lastpass
    Always forgetting your passwords? Me too. Now you only have to remember one! LastPass is free and absolutely essential if you have more than you in your team (and even if it is just you, makes your entire online experience easier). Read More >>
    Please be aware that I am picking up information all the time, and so any email correspondence we may have contributes to the impression I have of you before we’ve started working together. I want your reading to be as accurate and positive as possible. Please re-read your emails before sending to be sure that they properly reflect your tone and intention. Basically; don’t be rude or I won’t work with you.
    A psychic is someone who has access to information gained other than through logic and reason. A medium is someone who contacts and dialogues with the spirits of people who have died. I try and avoid talking to the dead as much as possible; my work is to show you how you can master your own life by giving you access to information from Spirit Guides. These are beings with a significantly greater capacity to advise and guide you than any dead friend or relative.
    1. DOWNLOAD ZOOM As soon as you have booked your reading please download Zoom. This will make sure that we do not waste any of your time. 2. PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL Please turn up on time; it is a good idea to sign into the Zoom meeting room, using the link found in your confirmation email. at least 5 mins before your appointment. I will call you at the time of your session. I will be present and ready at the appointment time; any lateness on your part eats into your reading time. If you are more than 15 minutes late your appointment will be cancelled without refund. 3. RESPECTPlease arrive with an open heart and mind. A closed attitude, general skepticism or any sort of disrespect of me or my work will impede the flow of information and make me not want to work with you. 4. MOBILE OR CELL PHONES Please refrain from scrolling through your phone, working on your computer, or watching TV during our meeting. Not only is it disrespectful of me and your spirit guides, without your full attention, getting a good reading will be very difficult. 5. NO DETAILS PLEASE Before your reading do not send me any personal information as I prefer not to have my psychic abilities clouded in advance of your reading. 6. SOBRIETY Please be sober for your visit. Prescription medications are fine. 7. CONFIDENTIALITY Your readings are completely confidential. I have no interest in sharing your personal information and am happy to sign non-disclosure agreements. 8. INDEPENDENCE It is not advisable to see a psychic more than a few times per year. I encourage you embrace the information received in each consult and live fully between visits.
    It’s very important to actually live your life and take action after a reading. For this reason, in general I advise keeping at least two or three months between readings. If you’re moving through a particularly significant time of transition, it can be helpful to have a monthly check-in. I offer subscriptions that make this particularly good value.
    At the time of your appointment, we will meet in my Zoom meeting room. The link to this will be sent to you when you make your appointment. Please have Zoom downloaded before our time together because without it we cannot meet. It is a small and free app. After quickly explaining what will happen in the time we have together, I will connect up with your spirit guides. The first twenty minutes of every live reading will allow your guides to pass on any information you need to know. After this we will focus in on one or two of the issues they have raised, to get as much information and guidance as possible. This will almost always coincide with the areas of your life you want guidance on. Although rarely necessary, there will always be time to ask any questions.
    Some of the most valuable information is often in the things we don’t want to hear; if you are avoiding a certain issue and it is causing problems in your life, it will come up, but always with a strategy on how to best deal with it, and advice on how to disarm and change the situation so that it truly empowers you. That being said, I never predict death - I not only is it pretty pointless, it is unethical.
    I use hexes as a form of defense of the vulnerable, as well as a political action. In my opinion, the defense of the vulnerable and the fighting against evil is fundamental to witchcraft. Witches have always been political activists and to call oneself a witch without using one’s skill and power to effect political change is unethical.
    It means that I practice a particular type of meditation and ritual with the intention of changing my and others’ material reality. It doesn’t mean that I follow any religion; there are almost infinite forms and schools and traditions of witchcraft, only one of which is Wicca. I am not Wiccan.
    Absolutely not. In fact, I prefer reading via Skype to in-person because I am able to get accurate information for you without having to filter it through any other information I my pick up from an in person meeting.
    After making a Single Question booking and sending through your question, I will read for you on the question, and record the reading on video. That video will then be uploaded to YouTube and a private link will be sent to you by email within 24hours of your appointment time..
    I don’t offer discounts but I offer different products and packages, so that most people can find a way to work with me that they can afford. I also offer a lot of free information and education on my Instagram and even more in my facebook group.
    Psychic Mediumship is a form of entertainment. The State of New York regards psychic mediumship as a form of entertainment – While I do not agree with the state of New York’s stance - I have to acknowledge it. It is my sincere hope that the information obtained brings you clarity, peace and assurance. By booking an appointment with me, you agree that I am not a medical expert or attorney. I can't and won't give legal advice or attempt to diagnose medical conditions. I am not responsible for any action or decisions you make in your life. My psychic mediumship service is not to be used in place of any professional, medical, financial, or legal counseling. The information obtained in our meeting is subject to your own personal interpretation and any action you take on it is your personal responsibility.
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