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Your Spirit Guides aren’t there to make your life easier!

Today, I want to talk about Spirit Guides - a topic that has become increasingly popular in personal and spiritual development circles. It is crucial to understand where the term originates and how it differs from its usage in everyday vernacular.

In the Theosophical tradition, spirit guides are beings who have lived countless lifetimes and have reached a level of mastery where they no longer need to incarnate. Instead, they guide those of us still struggling in our earthly lives. These guides are rarefied, powerful beings, often considered forms of God, and their role is not to be taken lightly.

However, in spiritual conversations today, the term "spirit guide" is often used to describe any non-material being, such as ancestors or even recently deceased loved ones. This is a misappropriation of the term from its Theosophical roots, where becoming a spirit guide is considered a major achievement over many millennia.

The Theosophical tradition acknowledges that spirit guides come from various cultural backgrounds, such as Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad, but unfortunately it also tends to lean heavily on male figures. This reflects its influence from Vedic traditions and Theravada Buddhism, which have a biased view on gender and enlightenment.

People often get stuck, wanting to find out the name of their Spirit Guides. In reality any human name given to these ancient beings is an arbitrary construct. These guides have lived through thousands of lifetimes and have held countless names. Spirit Guides, in their truest form, are powerful and wise beings who transcend cultural and social constructs.

One of the theories about the nature of existence suggests that each of us, as individual beings, will at some point be incarnated as every single living being on this planet, experiencing every conceivable way of being in the world. Is our true purpose to experience everything that it is to be alive?

I believe Spirit Guides serve as a conduit to the entire spectrum of consciousness. By connecting with them, we can access the whole experience of existence. They can be a useful tool for our minds to grasp the concept of receiving guidance and insights from something beyond our conscious selves. Having a spirit guide offers a buffer, a sort of cognitive dissonance that allows us to live our lives while seeking external guidance.

It’s essential to understand that connecting with spirit guides won't make our path in life instantly easier or liberate us from suffering. They're not here to make our lives easy; they're here to help us expand. Our guides encourage us to make choices and decisions that lead to personal growth, even when those choices are emotionally difficult and challenging.

It's through these tough experiences that we gain empathy, understanding, and ultimately, are reminded of who we truly are.

Spirit Guides offer a means for us to access the vast expanse of consciousness and guide us on a path of expansion and growth. By acknowledging the challenges they present, we can develop a deeper connection with our true selves and the universe.

So embrace the journey, even when it's difficult, and let your spirit guides lead you towards greater self-discovery.

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