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What will you plant and grow in the decay of change?

It can be so easy to fight change when we are presented with an ending to something in life. The way I choose to evolve with change and loss is to tune into the natural cycle of birth, rebirth, death, decay, fertilisation, and gestation. I hold on to the knowledge that change and/or loss of something can create fertile ground for new life experience. And rather than fight this, by actively engaging with this cycle, I become a participant and an agent of change in collaboration with the universe.

You are also an active participant and agent of change in collaboration with the universe.

The five stages in the process of moving from the end of something to the beginning of something new are death, decay, fertilisation, gestation, and rebirth. We have to recognise these stages and allow for each to occur, as each one leads onto the next and to growth and expansion.

To begin the process of accepting the end of something, we examine the implications of that ending, allowing for decay and fertilisation. We then plant new seeds, and experience the rebirth.

It is easy to get caught up in grief and loss during this liminal space, but every time we experience loss, it will transform into fertilisation, which is the space where germination of a new life emerges from. This could look like new plans, relationships, and life experiences. When we find ourselves in this space, it is essential to recognise our desires and use these desires to intentionally plant new seeds in the fertile ground that follows the decay. By being intentional with our desires and not allowing ourselves to just be swept along into the next thing, we can move into a new, expanded way of living that is guaranteed to be better than the life we have left behind.

One divination modality that I work with on a personal level is the runes, which are symbolic balls of energy containing immense wisdom and knowledge. When I approach the runes, I ask specific questions about what I need to know in my current situation, especially during challenging times. Recently, I pulled the rune of Gebo, which signifies endings and the beginning of new cycles.

The beauty of the runes is that they communicate through simple symbolic shapes that we can encounter in our daily lives. Gebo's energy conveys the idea that before we experience true expansion and possibility, we must first go through the energy of loss and grief. Endings are often scary, but they open us up to new opportunities and ways of being. We may grieve the loss of a relationship, a job, a consistent way of earning money, or even our physical capabilities as we age.

Even though it can be difficult to see it immediately, the grief we experience when something ends is an opportunity for growth and expansion, and to allow ourselves to sit with it and move through it before we can step into the new beginning that awaits us.

My personal journey with this is dealing with a decline in my physical health and mobility. While it's tempting to ignore or deny these changes and focus solely on positive affirmations, I've learned that it's important to acknowledge the reality of what's happening and allow myself to grieve the loss of what I once had. This is much more powerful than glazing over everything with love and light, and fake positivity. The decaying garden needs weeding and tending before it can grow again. And even though it has the same plants as last year, it will have different growth patterns and areas of abundance.

So rather than focusing on what I can no longer do, I'm thinking about what new opportunities and possibilities are available to me. For example, I explore different ways to communicate with my body and reorganise my daily life to accommodate these changes. By doing so, I'm able to turn what could be a source of frustration and despair into something that inspires growth and creativity.

I absolutely know that this kind of mindset shift isn't easy, and it can be painful to confront our limitations and losses, but it's essential for personal growth and wellbeing. By embracing change and looking for new opportunities, we can expand and evolve in ways we never thought possible.

I also plant my intentions in a practical way too. I physically plant things. Mung beans are my favourite as they are quick growing and full of goodness. With an intention to cleanse, start by rinsing the beans under water; cleansing the beans of any negativity or unwanted energy. Once you have done this, then take the time to communicate your desires to the beans. I sometimes like to do this out loud. Treat them as the seeds of your future life that you are choosing to plant in the fertile land of death and decay. They become containers of energy and intention. Once you have imbued the beans with your intentions, sprout them (by following simple instructions you can find online). Every day, continue to speak to the beans, telling them what you want and reminding them of your intentions. Each sprouted bean contains the energy of your intentions and that by ingesting them, you complete the cycle of planting your desires and watching them grow.

And as we set our intentions it is important to hold ideas lightly because when we become too attached to them, we limit the possibilities for how they can manifest in our lives. This is especially true when it comes to life-changing events or when things don't go as planned. If we have a rigid idea of how things should be, it can be harder to accept when life takes a different turn. It's important to approach our desires with curiosity and openness rather than rigid expectations.

An example might be if you are desiring to find your community; instead of focusing on finding the perfect group of friends who understand us completely, we can approach it with a curious mindset and be open to different ways in which community can manifest in our lives. This allows us to expand on the ways in which community, adoration, and being seen are already present in our lives. Be curious about how those experiences might manifest, without getting caught up in the how, can lead to a more fulfilling life.

It's important to remember that everything is cyclical, and while there may be tough times, they won't last forever. Recognising the natural cycles of decay, fertilisation, and gestation can help us navigate difficult times with more ease.

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