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Your individual goals cannot be separated from those of the community. . .

Lets talk shamanic work...

There’s a lot of talk in the spiritual, self development, New Age world, of what is described as “Shamanic work”. This term Shamanism is almost 99% of the time, inaccurately used and its inaccurate use comes from and contributes to a bunch of much bigger issues.

Here’s an article that unpacks it a bit.

Contemporary New Age spiritual practices often referred to, problematically, as “Shamanism” focus on entering an altered state of consciousness to communicate with the Spirit World. This is a form of spiritual practice that we can find in almost all cultures globally, and although the methods of entering the altered state of consciousness differ, the understanding that everything in the Universe - including all of us - are all one, is at core. The practice of entering an altered state of consciousness in order to communicate with spiritual beings offers a tangible, deeply felt experience of this profound unity. It's like having those sporadic moments of cosmic connection that come with a regular meditation practice, but having them be more intentional and accessible.

Intentionally entering an altered state of consciousness with the aim of communicating with the world of Spirit also holds space for the appreciation that all life holds intrinsic value, much beyond any economic measure. This ancient wisdom, which has been around for at least 10,000 years, reminds us that we are part of the natural world. Through communication with spirits, animals, plants, or guides, we can gain insight to improve our earthly existence.

What I love about intentionally entering an altered state of consciousness is how it infuses everything with purpose, meaning, and power. It operates on the understanding that we are all facets of a singular consciousness and emphasises the value of relationships, whether with self, others, animals, or the Earth. In this view, every meaningful thing is, at its core, a relationship.

The primary vehicle for such development is often called a journey. It involves entering an altered mental state where you build relationships with spiritual entities that can provide advice and information. This isn't a 'physical' journey per se, but rather a voyage into the depths of our consciousness, both individual and collective. You leave your physical self behind while your spirit traverses worlds of varying frequencies, all while staying rooted in your current space.

Across all cultures we see descriptors of the universe being helpfully divided into three worlds, all linked by the Tree of Life. The Upper World, the Middle World, and the Lower World, all held together by a grand cosmic tree. I’m not talking about a Christian Heaven or Hell here. This isn't about good versus evil or a cosmic hierarchy. This tree represents the very essence of life and existence, intertwined in perfect harmony.

We dwell in the Middle World, a place of material existence and perceived separateness. But with intentional journeying, we can reach out to the spiritual realms, converse with spiritual entities, and harness their energies.

The Lower World, inhabited by spirit animals and natural energies, is a go-to place for pragmatic advice and the wisdom of the natural world. Each spirit animal embodies its own unique characteristics and powers, sometimes described as ‘medicine’.

The Upper World, represented by the tree branches, houses spirit guides, ancient parts of the universe that help unravel our soul's purpose. More strategic and focused on larger life questions, they complement the direct, practical guidance from the Lower World.

One of the key aspects of this sort of connectivity work is the realisation that individual goals cannot be separated from those of the community. That's why it's so important to understand what you want and who you are. By showing up as the best version of ourselves, we encourage the universe to do the same. It's not selfish to focus on your desires - it's essential for the growth of everyone and everything.

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