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What if it wasn’t just you who was trying to bring your desires to life?

Let's talk visualisations, the power of

collaboration, and releasing impatience...

I know you’ll all have heard of visualisation as a route to materialising what you want in life, of making your dreams a reality. This is where we take time to consciously decide what we want to bring into our lives, both in the long and short term, and focus our energy and attention on these desires and give them space to emerge.

But have you ever tried visualisation within a group of people who are also invested in your dreams and can help to guide your desires to fruition?

Monday’s masterclass was led by one of our amazing coaches, Amelia, and they created a space for each individual to have some time to tune in and expand their imagination, so their current desires could bubble up to the surface. Everyone shared an intention of what they would like to create in their lives, and then the whole group became part of the support network, helping to mould them into existence. Each member of the group was invited to share their intention, and then the community created the space to allow that intention to take form and also journal about it.

In our community visualisation sessions we build a collective energy that benefits the whole group, even those that can’t make it live to the class. When we come together anchored in our individual desires and with a shared intention for the community, we create a powerful energetic field that amplifies each individual and creates a profound and transformative experience.

Each person's visualisation had the time and space to be brought into consciousness in different ways - always with the intention of care, kindness, and authentic expression for that person. This is deeply personal and vulnerable work, and with SLU we create a container, like no other, that holds this work gently and safely.

Visualisation within a community is such a powerful tool for spiritual growth and healing. Infact, sharing anything within a community of kind, empowered, and intentional people brings extra depth, support, and energy mastery to any practice. When we come together with a shared intention and the openness to be supportive and invested in each other, our collective energy enhances the effects of our visualisations, making them more potent and focused as they are absorbed into the universe.

Sharing a visualisation practice also helps to create a sense of accountability and motivation. We can feel more inspired to follow through with our intentions and commitments, knowing that others in the community are also on a similar journey and are working towards their desires for a life that brings them joy and purpose.

Finding your community to share and connect with provides a sense of validation and reassurance, allowing us to feel seen and heard. It is also a way to learn from one another and gain an understanding of everyone's unique desires in life at that moment. We step out of our day-to-day movements, allowing ourselves to merge into the community and speak our needs. We have a right to be seen. Every single person’s perspective and experience can bring new insights to the table, deepening everyone's understanding and knowledge of the spiritual work we go through in SLU.

And now for the patience part…the bit that no one likes but is an important ingredient.

The process of visualisation, and making those desires material, requires patience and a willingness to let go of control. Once you have carved out a clear intention and taken the time to visualise what you want to pull in, it’s time to allow them to amalgamate and blend over time. Amelia described it like a soup. All the separate ingredients coming together to become something beautiful and delicious - created with intention and care, trusting that the effort put in will create a desired outcome.

Sometimes the first piece of information we receive is inspiring but it may need time to evolve or take form. It needs to be allowed to find its path to creation, and trust is requested in order to allow something to flow unobstructed. It’s time to work in collaboration with your desires and all that wants to help you make them happen.

You can enhance your own visualisations at home.

Try this with a friend you trust and have a shared understanding with:

Gently close your eyes and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Speak aloud that you wish to connect to your highest/inner truth, compassion and integrity. Allow your current desire to rise to the surface. This doesn’t need to be highly curated or take a lot of time. What is at the forefront that you want to bring into your life? State this to your friend and then alternate, both taking 60 seconds (we like to set a timer) and focus on their desire. Visualise it in your own way, and allow the information to surface in whatever sensory language it is given to you, even if not strictly visual. Once you have done this, journal what you have seen, felt, heard… and allow this information to live in your journal. You can share this with your friend in the moment, or you could also let it stew and see what emerges over time.

If you want to join us live for these types of classes and so much more, join us in the Spiritual Life Upgrade! Just drop my team an email to arrange a quick chat with me so you can get all your questions answered and learn more about the program. The membership price starts at £150 per month. Read more about SLU

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