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Unlocking the Infinite Possibilities of Online Dating

The three key things to be aware of when embarking on your online dating journey

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Dating can feel like it’s increasingly being dominated by fleeting connections and instant gratifications, and the thought of finding a genuine bond through Tinder (or other dating app) might feel like chasing a mirage.

You might be used to approaching dating apps with trepidation and low expectations but when we learn to tune into these apps with our intuition and have intentional clarity around our boundaries we can unlock doors to infinite possibilities. It really is possible to find genuinely meaningful connections online.

If we can re-conceive how Tinder works and open ourselves up to the understanding that the universe is a vast network of interconnected threads, a mycelium of connections just waiting to be explored.

The Beginning of my Swiping Journey

Many of you will know that during my PhD journey at Oxford University, I found myself standing at a crossroads. As the conventional avenues of funding closed on me, a door opened to an alternative way that would leverage my skills as an intuitive psychic, and make me enough money to keep on with my PhD. I embarked on a unique 'job role' of working as a professional Tinder swiper. I would navigate the profiles of the affluent, seeking not just matches but true connections for them.

The three key areas that I focus on are:

1) Re-conceiving Tinder as a Portal to Infinite Possibilities

Tinder, often confined to the perception of a hookup hub, does actually hold so much undiscovered potential. As I continued my work as a professional swiper, using my strategic and intuitive approach, Tinder morphed into a powerful tool. It successfully yielded connections for people that transcended the superficial and were authentic and exciting for everyone. I knew to approach Tinder as another portal to the universal mycelium network of possibilities, allowing the connections to open up before me. Using this visual of the mycelium and taking the time to bring your mindset to the possibilities, rather than the barriers, of online apps is the first step.

As a professional swiper, I was paid to make connections that were genuine and aligned with what my clients were looking for. Using my approach it was easy to demonstrate to my clients that the platform could be a means to diverse ends; be it a romantic endeavour, a deep friendship, or a beneficial professional relationship. My clients were always extremely happy with the connections I created for them, and so were the people on the other side of the connection. This was not about manipulation, this was about bringing two people together that would connect through what each other was looking for.

2) Tap into your Intuition

As I continued to be paid for my intuitive Tinder swiping skills, I built on the power of holding a clear intention of the desired outcome, which facilitated meaningful matches time and time again. Practice using your intuition day-2-day and allow yourself to notice that millisecond of a moment when you KNOW. We so easily pass this by and the rational brain kicks in.

As I tapped into the well of unlimited possibilities that Tinder offered as a portal, every swipe was guided by my deep intuition. I would know the split-second sensations that confirm the resonance with a potential fruitful connection.

3) Know your Boundaries and stay firm

Be clear to yourself and then be clear on your profile what you want and who you are looking for. Commit to yourself what you will and won't accept. Many people don't take the time to set this out before entering the dating world. Write it down, journal on it if that helps. Holding firm boundaries is not a way to close off potential connections, but will give you freedom to open up to possibilities with confidence.

Beyond Professional Tinder Swiper

I stand testament to the efficiency and success of my methods as I have experienced the transformative power of intuitive swiping firsthand. I have had significant relationships, mentorships, and business opportunities blossom from online connections. I would say three of the most significant relationships in my life, ever, were people I met online. I married two of those people, and the third is a massive business mentor to me.

In a world where cis men predominantly have the upper hand, my heart leans toward empowering women and femmes in navigating the sometimes murky waters of online dating.

It can feel overwhelming and disappointing when we approach these apps without clarity around what we really want and an understanding of the boundaries we hold. Things have moved on since my PhD days and I have worked with many women and femme clients to navigate both online dating and beyond ‘the match’ into all types of evolving relationships.

Tinder Magick Masterclass Revisited in 2023

If you want to join the world of empowered swiping, where every connection holds the promise of something genuine and fulfilling then join my next Tinder Magick Masterclass. You already have the power to forge incredible connections, it’s just waiting to be unlocked. Learn how to tap into the infinite potential of Tinder, and be part of revolutionising online dating, where we make genuine connections a reality. I’ll share my method and tools around ritual, magick, intention and boundaries when it comes to online dating and making it work for you.

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