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Unlock the power of preventative magick- part 1

Understand more about why building preventative practices is actually the real magick...

We can often view magickal practice as a cure-all tool, a silver bullet for any particular situation, but I want to offer a different perspective. A more long term integrated view of magick; not as a quick fix, but as a collection of preventative practices that will fundamentally alter our relationships with ourselves and the universe.

The allure of the word magick is palpable and it becomes incredibly enticing when we think that we only need to know the right spell, utter the perfect magical phrase, or foster an appropriate relationship with a spiritual entity, to solve all our problems.

To truly unlock the power of magick we need to change our view of the universe away from a resource to be exploited or a mystery to be solved by asking the right question. Magickal practice actually invites us to question everything we thought we knew about the universe. It compels us to challenge our preconceived notions of energy, time, and value. Embracing this new perspective is a vital part of our journey into magickal practice. It's not merely about learning spells and rituals but about altering our relationships with the universe and with ourselves.

As we begin to dabble in energy work and experience the impact of focused attention – for instance, visualising colours during a chakra clearing meditation – we can physically feel energy move within us. It's a thrilling discovery, and it's easy to see why we'd be tempted to apply this newfound power to solve our problems. But here's where we need to pause and reflect.

Magickal work and energy practices can indeed transform our world. However, this transformation doesn't occur merely by reciting incantations, performing rituals, or using specific herbs. Magick is about relationships - relationships with ourselves, our spiritual guides, and the universe. It's not the exact phrases or rituals that bring about change, but the shift in our interactions with the world and ourselves.

Understanding this is crucial. It separates effective magic from ineffective attempts and establishes that it is about learning to interact differently with the universe, not about reciting spells over our problems.

When life presents a struggle, be it dissatisfaction with a job or witnessing an injustice, it's easy to think of magic as a fix-it tool. However, instead of immediately considering a spell or a collection of words to address your problems, think of magic as a journey. Use it as a guide to examine your relationship with the universe and challenge your perspective on life.

Remember, the power of magic lies not in specific words or spells but in the transformative journey it ushers us into, where we learn a new way of engaging with the universe and ourselves...

Part 2 next week; The road map for preventative magick...

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