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Tinder Magick Workshop

Trying to find genuine connection on Tinder may seem like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be.

It is absolutely possible to find really positive, powerful, life-impacting connections online. How do I know? Because I have done so successfully by utilizing my intuition, and you can, too.

Today, we’re talking about Tinder and internet dating. This is an area of some expertise for me, as I’ve used it both for myself and for others in my work as an intuitive psychic. Some of you may remember that while I was doing my PhD, I had to hustle. Initially, I had the promise of some funding, but it was taken away by the Catholic Church, because the nature of my work is so controversial. Suddenly, I was in this position of having to make a hell of a lot of money, very quickly.

I had a variety of skills to fall back on, but I was particularly good at working as an intuitive psychic. One of the ways I leveraged this skill was to begin working as a professional Tinder Swiper for a collection of incredibly rich men. I got into this work in a very interesting, convoluted way, which I may share more about later in an email newsletter.

So, how does a professional psychic work as a Tinder Swiper? With Tinder, you’ve got various tools available to you, like Tinder passport. Using that, I could position myself wherever these rich men were, or wherever they were going to be. I would log in to a client’s profile on Tinder, and I would begin swiping as them.

As an intuitive, I have a whole collection of ways of swiping on Tinder.

This meant that the people that I swiped right and matched with were, without exception, extremely good matches for these clients, for the purposes that they wanted to meet people for. I think one of the primary misconceptions that people have about Tinder is that it’s just there for people to hook up, that anyone on the app is just interested in sex. This is not always the case. Tinder is not just for sex, although if you want sex, you can definitely use it to find the best sex of your life, no doubt. Now, I’ve used Tinder myself; in fact, I use Tinder to this day. It is an incredibly powerful tool. (Alas, I am not sponsored by Tinder, although perhaps I should be. Tinder, if you’re reading: call me.)

At the time, I was charging these men what seemed like an obscene amount of money. I was paid £1,000 a month to be their Tinder Swiper, and for me, that income was like the biggest festival we ever had in my entire life. During that period of my life, £1,000 was huge: all my bills, my rent, everything was paid for literally just being on Tinder. But it wasn’t just being on Tinder, because of what I was able to do. Through getting into a really specific mental state, I was able to hold a very clear intention in my mind, open the app with that intention, and access information from an infinite network. That’s literally what Tinder is; it’s a sort of portal into an infinite amount of people, and infinite possibilities for connection.

When I began swiping, it was based on a split second of intuition. With each new profile, I had to decide whether or not this connection was going to be useful for the person I was swiping for. Keeping this intention in mind, I had great evidence of success, and I can teach you how to get into the proper mental state necessary for this to work for you, too.

This skill can be just as useful for other dating websites; it’s not limited to Tinder. If you are interested in using a dating site that is a bit more substantial than Tinder, something with a proper full profile and a lot more information such as OkCupid, it is even easier to get an intuitive read on a potential connection. The more information and photos available, the more input you have to get an intuitive read on that profile without having to waste your time messaging back and forth. There are certain ways you can practice these intuitive skills that can develop into allowing you to get a quick grasp on the potential for connection. With these skills, you can skip the awkward coffee dates and only invest your time into people that will be a worthwhile connection for you.

Previously, I never really had an interest in sharing these skills. It didn’t occur to me that it was something people would be interested in, but recently in talking with my students on the Spiritual Life Upgrade who are using some of these sites, I’ve realized that I have developed a collection of intuitive skills that are deeply empowering, and that they are worth sharing and investing in.

I am not interested in offering these tools to cis men, as they already have the upper hand, always. I’m interested specifically in helping those of us who are brought up and socialized as women; women and femmes particularly. If you ever have to engage in any way with cis men, but certainly when it comes to dating profiles, you really need to armor the f*** up, in terms of psychological and psychic skills and intuitive ability.

To give you an example of the efficacy of these methods in my own life, I would say three of the most significant relationships in my life, ever, were people I met online. I married two of those people, and the third is a massive business mentor to me. We met not through my own personal online dating, but through my working for them as a Tinder Swiper. Another mentor of mine, I met through that person.

Once you understand that the whole universe is basically a mycelium of connections and links, you just have to try and find the right collection of portals to access that mycelium. There are all sorts of different ways in which you can do that. When you have a very clear intention about what you’re looking for, what you want to do becomes really, really easy once you have found your portal. I believe Tinder is one of those powerful portals available to access the mycelium of the universe, and if you enter it with your clear intention, you’re golden. You cannot fail.

To this day I use Tinder. I’ve made amazing connections with incredible people that I’d never have met otherwise. Using Tinder from this perspective is really a key part of so many of the positive, good relationships I have in my life, from business connections to friends to finding my Ames.

Tinder can be such an amazing tool if you are in touch with your intuition. You can use it to bring all sorts of new opportunities and connections into your social network. I would like to create a workshop on this in the near future, because I have so much information to impart that would be truly useful for anyone connected to their intuition.

I’m excited to offer a workshop, specifically focusing on how to harness your intuition for making your own online connections, and on using automated tools such as Tinder to bring in people, connections, and business opportunities into your life. Whether you are looking for a connection of romantic variety, just a sexual connection, or a professional networking link, this method works. I know how to do it; I did it professionally with great success, and I can teach you, too. You can learn to use your own intuitive skills to really bring in the most powerful, useful, important connections in your life.

This has been a key part of how so many of the positive relationships in my life have come about, both personal and professional, and I would love to empower you to utilize these tools to bring positive connections into your life.

To access this life changing workshop, click here.

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