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The Power and Process of Ritual Cleansing

We can tend to get swept along with life and our daily routines and lose the awareness that taking the time to intentionally and ritually cleanse can have a powerful resetting effect on our lives.

Why Ritual Cleansing?

We regularly clean our surroundings to maintain a fresh and hygienic environment. Similarly, our energy also needs periodic cleansing. With every experience, a trace of energy is left behind in our space, on our bodies, and within our energy. While some of these energies are positive, others might be detrimental, demanding a cleansing ritual.

While some of you might be familiar with the concept of ritual cleansing, it is crucial to appreciate the depth of effect it can have. At its core, ritual cleansing is all about cleaning and resetting your energy.

The Ideal Frequency

Ideally, we should ritually cleanse at least twice a year. Timing the cleanse with the change of seasons, especially during equinoxes, is most effective. These transitions are symbolic of change, making it an opportune moment for shedding old energies and entering the phase feeling lighter and with additional clarity.

This time of year as we approach the autumn equinox is the perfect time to plan a ritual cleanse.

The Cleansing Process

The aim of ritual cleansing is to refresh the physical, emotional, mental, and energy bodies.

Here is an overview of the steps I take when doing this.

  • Clean Your Physical Space: Before delving into energy cleansing, ensure your physical space is tidy, especially the bathroom and bedroom. This step ensures that the energy in your surroundings is as clear as the energy you wish to cultivate within yourself. Create a clean, positive environment that will be conducive to a successful ritual cleanse that you can enjoy.

  • Clear The Energy of Your Space: Prior to any ritual, the energy in the room must be cleaned. This can be done by opening a window, fumigating with cleansing herbs or resins, or using sound (like clapping or ringing a bell).

  • The Ritual Cleanse: This involves a thorough physical cleanse, ensuring every part of your body is washed. Following this, put on white (which reflects all energies) or opt for natural nakedness.

  • Conclude the Ritual: The best time for a ritual cleanse is in the evening, allowing you to immediately retire to a freshly made bed, ensuring your cleansed energy isn't immediately exposed to external influences.

Why It Matters

Performing a ritual cleanse is more than a spiritual ritual; it's a form of spiritual and energetic hygiene. In the chaos of our daily lives, we unknowingly pick up various energies. While we might occasionally sense these energies, more often than not, we remain oblivious to them but they can take their toll on us.

By doing regular ritual cleanses we can make sure we are consistently shedding old unwanted energy that doesn’t serve us or that we have been unknowingly carrying.

This practice is especially beneficial during any times of stress, trauma, or illness. Taking the time to do this will help to cleanse, reset and rejuvenate our energy leaving you feeling refreshed and stronger in ourselves.

Taking responsibility for our energetic health is vital. One of the foundational tenets to my teachings is energy hygiene and its crucial links with building and maintaining our boundaries.

Incorporating this practice into our routine is a powerful practical tool in remaining balanced, energised, and in harmony with our surroundings. Our strengthened energy will help us to be able to protect ourselves, maintain clarity around our desires and feel empowered to draw them into us.

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