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Stop scrambling for new magickal solutions

..and instead develop a preventative magickal practice to that will protect and nurture you during challenging times.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that seems to drain you of all your energy? Are you perhaps scrambling for that spiritual guidebook, hunting for the ideal spell to remedy your predicament? You might just be approaching this all wrong. The first thing to do is to stop scrambling for new magickal solutions, and instead revisit some foundational questions and perform a sort of self-audit.

First: Revisit Your Daily Spiritual Practices & Focus on your Meditation Practice

Ask yourself: what spiritual practices have you integrated into your daily life? It's essential to understand that spiritual practices play a key role in protecting our energy from negativity. They can help us become hyper-aware of our unconscious interactions with others, potentially preventing confrontations and miscommunications. It's not about blaming ourselves for what goes wrong, but rather, empowering ourselves to create an environment where we can thrive.

Every spiritual journey, but especially those delving into ritualistic magick, must be grounded in meditation. This fundamental practice supports our spiritual hygiene, helping us maintain our energy health and strengthen our connection with the universe.

Second: Understand Your Desires

The second point of inquiry in this self-audit is to ask: Are you clear about your desires, and are you actively aligning your life with them? You might think this question is irrelevant if you're grappling with a negative situation, but it is vitally important to do this. If we lack clarity about what we want and how we align ourselves with those desires, we may keep replicating negative situations in our lives.

Understand that every situation provides an opportunity to ask, "What do I want to experience in this dynamic?" If what you're experiencing doesn't align with your desires, it's crucial to communicate that and take steps towards realignment. Get into a dialogue with yourself about your truth.

Third: Evaluate Your Material Actions

The final checkpoint in our self-audit is evaluating our everyday actions. It's essential to ask: What am I doing in my day-to-day life that might have contributed to this situation? If we fail to consider our role in creating or enabling the negative situations in our lives, we might find ourselves stuck in a negative cycle.


In a nutshell, the next time you face a negative situation and instinctively reach for your magickal guidebook, remember these three checkpoints.

Assess your daily spiritual practices and ensure they are protective and nurturing. Seek clarity in your desires and actively pursue alignment with them. And finally, evaluate your actions and identify where you might need to adjust your behaviour.

Remember, magick is not about finding a quick fix to your problems. It's about establishing and nurturing your relationship with yourself and the universe. These practices can create a solid foundation for you to navigate life's challenges effectively.

And when you need some extra magickal input, you'll be well-prepared with a strong and resilient spiritual foundation.

So instead of asking, "What spell can I cast to fix this?" ask yourself, "How can I strengthen my spiritual hygiene, realign my desires, and adjust my actions to better handle this situation?"

I hope this helps you if you are developing your practices or just to remind you to self-audit your practices regularly to ensure they protect and nurture you.

Part 3 next week; Finding balance in your practical action and magickal work..

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