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release some obligations!

Is it time to assess your obligations to bring awareness to what you can release in your life!?

I get really excited when it's time to make myself sit down and write an obligations list, because I know it will result in having a list of things that I can free myself from! I do it a few times a year to keep my life intentional. The point is not that we shouldn’t have obligations, (because we can't avoid them) but rather that we can make sure we are fully onboard with the obligations we do choose to have. This practice helps us evaluate our obligations and especially become aware of how many obligations might have just crept up on us that actually don’t match our energy, values or desires anymore.

We simply make a list of all the obligations in our lives so we can start to critically engage with them. The list could be divided into subsections such as financial obligations, emotional obligations, spiritual obligations, physical obligations, material obligations, and relationship obligations.

The spiritual obligations can take various forms, such as performing particular practices, including meditation, that we feel are necessary for bigger reasons. However, some spiritual obligations might not be necessary and you might have come to a point where you can safely let go of some of them. As part of my spiritual training I was required to recite a certain prayer at a certain time every day. After a few years, when I started doing this practice, I realised I no longer had a connection to it and actually actively disliked it. Bringing awareness to this I realise it was the right time and it was safe for me to let go of that obligation.

Another important area to look at are our financial obligations to assess which ones are necessary and which ones we can do without. These obligations can be in the form of recurring payments, such as subscriptions or bills, or even habits that we have formed, such as going out to eat or drink. By identifying these obligations, we can start to assess which ones are truly necessary, which ones still align with our life goals. It helps us clarify our desires and how we want our lives to be and what we truly want. Now we can make more intentional choices.

Once we have our comprehensive list we then take the time to reflect on what is necessary for us to feel fulfilled in life, including personal engagement, financial contribution, spiritual practice, and emotional engagement. It is so important to prioritise good relationships, including friendships, and we can even pare down some obligations and expenses so we can prioritise relationships that will nourish us. It’s so easy to allow relationships to suffer when we feel overwhelmed with commitments.

The relief of being able to see all our obligations in one place and then decide and cross off those which we choose to let go is so empowering. We are fully engaged with life again and can practise intentional decision-making to establish positive habits and routines and free up time, energy, and money.

Let me know what you end up releasing and letting go through this practice…

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