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Laugh your way through the negative energy of others.

The three most powerful ways to protect your energy

Sometimes if we are feeling run-down or overwhelmed it can benefit us to make sure we are protecting our own energy. Psychic protection is a term used to describe any act that protects your energy. This type of protection is as important as physical protection, and involves using practical, energetic tools to create a barrier between yourself and any negative energy.

Some of my favourite forms of psychic protection include meditations, calling on angelic power, as well as using crystals and, perhaps surprisingly, laughter.

Preventative psychic protection is always easier to perform effectively than curative psychic protection, and involves establishing strength in your own energy fields. This can be achieved through practices like chakra clearing meditations and visualisation techniques. The most effective form of psychic protection is visualising a protective catsuit around yourself.

As you do this day after day, the catsuit becomes a very powerful and thick energetic barrier.

Curative psychic protection is used when you need extra support or to help you to buffer yourself from negative energy. This may involve working with angels or crystals. Working with angels may sound surprising, but it is a very accessible and effective way to protect yourself from negative energy.

In any situation where you feel like you need an extra layer of protection or a barrier between yourself and negative energy, psychic protection can be a valuable tool. Whether it's in a business meeting or a personal argument, these techniques can help you feel more grounded and protected.

Angels are a form of energy that has existed for thousands of years. It is important to understand that by the time something is an idea, let alone a physical material item, it has collected a huge amount of energy.

When I say that Angels exist, I am not making claims of their material physicality - instead that there is such a thing as an angel in existence in this universe, even if that existence is a thought. A powerful thought, held by many millions of people over many thousands of years, becomes what is known as ‘a thoughtform’. Angels are such thoughtforms.

They are often described as ‘the Angelics’ in spiritual literature connected to the Abrahamic tradition. The angelic realm is the vibrational frequency where angels reside, and it is possible for us to connect to this realm and ask for protection. Angels are not always the soft, fluffy beings depicted in popular culture. Historically, they have been shown as geometric shapes or beings with terrifying power and infinite eyes. The angel Gabriel, in one of the most famous stories of angels in the Bible, was actually quite terrifying. Angels are powerful protectors, and can provide us with a powerful source of protective energy.

1) Calling on Archangel Michael

The most accessible and the most protective angel is Archangel Michael, because he is a thought form that has been created and strengthened by the collective energy of millions of people across different Abrahamic traditions. To call upon Archangel Michael for protection, visualise him as a powerful being with a sword; the most common depiction in popular culture. This visualisation is a form of invocation that can help you feel more confident and protected in potentially dangerous situations. You can practise this visualisation and call upon Archangel Michael whenever you feel anxious or nervous in public. By doing so, you are contributing to the thought form and making it stronger, not taking away from anyone else's ability to access it. This reflex relationship with the visualisation can be very powerful and helpful in survival situations. I have used it myself when I haven’t felt safe in a situation like walking alone in the dark, the invocation changing my energy; in itself a deterrent to nefarious intents.

2) Using specific crystals

Another form of curative protection for psychic protection is using crystals to amplify good energy and protect against negative energy. One can create a grid using clear quartz points or black tourmaline stones in the shape of a protective symbol such as the Pentagram or Seal of Solomon. Clear quartz grids amplify energy and should only be used for short periods of time, while black tourmaline is very protective and can be used for longer periods. The grid creates an energetic barrier to keep positive energy inside or push negativity out. This practice can also be used to charge a space, a plate of food, or create a particular environment for a short period of time.

3) Cultivating a practise of laughter & joy

My favourite form of psychic protection is to utilise laughter and joy, and really, properly LAUGH at something.. Joy is a powerful force that can vanquish fear and hatred; the opposite of hate is joy, not love. Love may be powerful but it is not strong enough to get rid of hate. Laughter and true joy are the most protective, powerful energies in the world. Negative energy feeds off fear and fear feeds negativity, which increases the manifestation of attacking energy, causing a cycle of fear and attack.The only disruptor to fear is laughter and joy.

A practical way to defend against psychic attack or negativity is to create a folder on your phone or computer with photographs, memes, comedy, interaction, screenshots, or anything that you find hilarious. This folder is your psychic protection folder, which can artificially tip you into the comedy laughter space, vital for psychic protection. This really is the most powerful form of psychic protection widely known by all spiritual traditions.

Let me know if you try any of these techniques or if you have some of your own!

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