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Harnessing the Power of Intentional Daydreams

This blog comes from a class that SLU coach Eliza taught recently 💜

Much of the time daydreams and fantasies are considered mere distractions from reality, but what if they could be harnessed as powerful tools to manifest our true desires? Let’s look at the world of intentional daydreaming and its transformative potential.

Daydreaming hours

Most of us naturally daydream just before falling asleep and right after waking up. These moments, when our minds are suspended between consciousness and slumber, provide a unique window into our subconscious. The walls of our rational mind are often softened, giving us the chance to seed our truest desires and intentions.

From the unconscious to the conscious

While we all daydream, most of our fantasies happen unconsciously, often spinning tales of anxiety and worry. However, if we intentionally take the time to craft our fantasies, we can use this imaginative power to our advantage. We can think of it as loading a specific reel of film into a projector, and playing the scenes that align with our true desires.

Take time to craft

Start by visualising your core desire. If it's a job or a move to a new city, immerse yourself in that reality. Feel the pleasures and confront the anxieties that arise. By acknowledging these feelings and moulding our fantasy to navigate around or through them, we bridge the gap between our current reality and our dream.

Using external tools, like music, can further enhance our daydreaming experience. For instance, soundtracks can add an extra layer of emotion, helping you sink deeper into your fantasy.

Tap into feelings you know

Have you ever had a crush? You know the intoxicating feeling where thoughts of the person infiltrate every quiet moment? We can use these feelings that we know and direct them into our fantasies. We need to design a daydream so captivating, so pleasurable, it becomes like that irresistible crush, constantly drawing our thoughts back to it.

Take pleasure

At the heart of these intentional daydreams is pleasure. It's a guiding force that directs us towards what we truly want. To amplify the effectiveness of our fantasies, it's crucial to focus on our own experience, our own feelings of pleasure. This self-focus not only hones our fantasies but also enables us to better understand our real-life desires and the challenges that may be obstructing them.

Use daydreams to problem solve

Beyond manifestation, these intentional fantasies can also be therapeutic. When facing a challenging situation, crafting a fantasy where we achieve a pleasurable resolution can illuminate what we truly want, helping us navigate our real-world issues.

Visualisation exercise

Here is some guidance to help you with a short visualisation exercise.

Close your eyes and take a few minutes to ground yourself. Then focus on the area between your eyes, a place of intuition and foresight. Now imagine a future where your desires have been realised.

Tap into the physical sensations, emotions, and ambiance of that moment, focusing on the sheer pleasure and satisfaction of having achieved that desire.

Linger in this imagined future, possibly uncovering more details about their desires or gaining further insights. This imagined sensation may feel awkward initially but just take the time to regularly engage with desires in this way.

If you are struggling with the visualisation, you can anchor the fantasy with a familiar sensory experience, like enjoying a meal or thinking of a crush, and then overlay the new desire onto that experience.

Intentional daydreaming is more than just a pastime. It's a potent tool to manifest our desires, navigate challenges, and understand ourselves better. So, next time your mind starts to wander, take control, and let it daydream with purpose.

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