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Drawing in your Desires with Sigils

This blog is created from a Masterclass with SLU Coach Adrienne 💜

When we are doing our practices to manifest a certain future or outcome we can feel a bit lost on how to make it more tangible. Sigils offer an ancient method to help us channel our intentions into a visual form. Creating sigils can serve as a bridge between our conscious and subconscious minds.

What are Sigils?

For those unfamiliar with the term, a sigil is a symbol that represents a specific intention, desire, or entity. Historically, they have been used in a multitude of ways, from protective symbols to spiritual markers. In the modern context, they're often used as tools of manifestation, allowing us to distil our desires or messages into a unique graphic representation.

Why are sigils powerful? At their core, they leverage the power of intention and focus. As the saying goes, "Where focus goes, energy flows." When we direct our energy towards a particular intention by crafting it into a physical or visual form, we amplify its power.

Sigils are as ancient as human civilization itself. The early cavemen marked their territories and told their stories through symbols on cave walls. Over time, symbols have evolved, reflecting the nuances of various cultures, beliefs, and the human psyche.

The underlying principle is that symbols, including sigils, serve as a powerful tool for communication, transcending the limitations of language and linear thinking.

Sigils in our everyday life

An interesting way to think about the power and ubiquity of sigils is through our everyday use of signatures. Our signatures start as a careful rendition of our name, but over time, they morph into a unique, almost unrecognisable pattern that still carries our identity. Similarly, nicknames are verbal sigils, distilling someone’s identity into an affectionate or intimate shorthand.

Create Your Sigil

There are numerous methods to create sigils but for simplicity, let’s focus on the letter shapes method:

  • Start by writing out your intention or affirmation clearly. For example, "I attract abundance."

  • Remove all vowels and duplicate consonants. From the above example, you would be left with "MTRCND."

  • Now, creatively intertwine or overlay these letters to create a design that feels resonant with your intention. Remember, there’s no right or wrong here; it’s all about what feels right for you.

  • Meditate on your sigil, charging it with your energy and intention. Visualise your desired outcome and feel it coming to fruition.

  • You can draw it in your journal, place it on an altar, carve it into a candle, or carry it with you. The key is to interact with it regularly, reinforcing your intention.

  • Once you feel connected to your sigil, it's important to let go and trust the universe to work its magick.

Sigils are more than just symbols. They act as an intimate connection between our desires and the universe, a tool that can help guide us toward the things we envision. The true power lies in your intention.

Have a go yourself and let me know what you think!

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