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Change the way you think with affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful tool and the way I teach you how to create and use affirmations will address your specific struggles, whether they are conscious or unconscious.

There is so much talk about affirmations on social media but a lot of the time your affirmations might not be working because they're not targeting the real blocks or issues, and they end up feeling inauthentic or superficial. What we want is to create custom-made affirmations that can reshape our neural pathways and truly make an impact.

We all have core memories and beliefs that stem from our childhood experiences. These memories shape our adult responses to situations, whether we're conscious of them or not. Affirmation work is about changing the stories and narratives we have developed from these core memories, allowing us to make more empowered and positive choices.

Affirmations have been used for thousands of years in various spiritual traditions, often in the form of prayers or mantras. It's only in the last few decades that we've begun to understand their scientific basis. Through repetition, affirmations can change the direction of our thoughts and help us become more aware of the ways we talk to ourselves and the deeply held beliefs that influence our lives.

Creating an affirmation practice not only changes the way we think but also helps us develop a better relationship with ourselves. This relationship with ourselves is the most important one we'll ever have, and affirmations are a powerful and quickly effective tool for strengthening it.

To create an affirmation, we want to focus on the primary issue or block that we're experiencing in the present moment. It's not about finding the overarching issue in our lives, but rather identifying the specific anxieties or concerns that are holding us back.

To begin, sit in a quiet, still space and ask yourself what is causing you the most anxiety or concern at that moment. This is likely to be a specific situation, event of worry.

The next step is to investigate that worry - what is the core belief running underneath it?

To create affirmations, we must temporarily put aside our anxieties and concerns and offer our conscious and subconscious mind an alternative narrative to believe. Once we’ve identified the belief running under the surface concern, we then ask ourselves if it's still true (often the beliefs we hold were true once) and, importantly, even if it is still something you believe, ask yourself if it benefits you. Create affirmations based on the opposite of the unhelpful belief.

Write out this new, positive belief (even if it doesn’t feel authentic just yet) and start creating your affirmation around it. Remember that we're not looking for a one-size-fits-all solution but rather a custom-made affirmation that addresses your specific concerns and beliefs. This process might seem overwhelming at first, but with practice and guidance, you'll be able to create powerful affirmations that can reshape your thinking, improve your relationship with yourself, and ultimately transform your life.

In the Spiritual Life Upgrade, my spiritual mentorship community, we use the moon's phases to create affirmations: New Moon (beginnings and planting seeds), Waxing Moon (expansive growth), Full Moon (culmination and fullness), and Waning Moon (release and letting go). Tailor your affirmations to address your issue from different angles, using the energy of each lunar phase.

For example, if your issue is anxiety about resting, create affirmations like: "Even when I'm not working, I'm planting seeds for my future safety" (New Moon), "The more I rest, the more effective my work becomes" (Waxing Moon), and so on. By doing this, you can harness the power of celestial energy and intentionally choose the stories you tell yourself.

When we work in this way with affirmations, we are actively and intentionally changing how we think, as well as changing the way in which we respond when we're in a distressed or anxious space. In essence we can start to change the way our brain works and the way in which our thoughts occur. No small thing.

Let me know if you try this...

If you want to join us live for these types of classes and so much more, join us in the Spiritual Life Upgrade! Just drop my team an email to arrange a quick chat with me so you can get all your questions answered and learn more about the program. The membership price starts at £150 per month. Read more about SLU

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