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The subjects I cover in the Masterclasses offer incredible keys to unlocking your personal power. They are the most accessible way to work with me live and access all my gems of magickal knowledge and practice.  We are also together for 7 days after the live class in a WhatsApp community. This helps to integrate what you have learnt and get a chance to continue to ask questions even after the live class is finished!

Hex the Patriarchy
Free access to a special one-off live class on Tuesday 31st October at 4pm UK time
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This is a free class, but if you can I would love for you to donate to the charity I have chosen - all the information will be sent when you sign up for the class 
(there is no 7
day WhatsApp group with this class)

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Tinder Magick (revisited)

Friday 13th October 2023
6pm UK time

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I ran this class originally a couple of years ago and from recent conversations in my community I realised it is time for it to be offered again!  It will be renewed and refreshed and jam packed with with magick, intention and energy.

What makes me a Tinder expert? Whilst doing my PhD, one of the ways I leveraged my intuitive skills was working as a professional Tinder Swiper for a collection of incredibly rich men.  Offering this service paid my bills during this time! 

In this Masterclass you'll have to put aside any previous experience you've had of Tinder. I'll help you to re-conceive everything about how you think Tinder works, replacing it with powerful intuitive practices to bring in what you want (no matter what that is).


Everything that you want is only an intention, some energy, and really firm boundaries away.

7 days of Group WhatsApp support and mentorship

These Masterclasses don't just end when the class ends, they go on for another 7 days...

There is also the 7 day WhatsApp group chat that follows a live Masterclass, and let me tell you these groups have been life-changing for people. The beauty of connecting to a community asking diverse questions and who want to expand their perspectives is hugely transformational. I create a safe and held container for you to ask questions without feeling shame or embarrassment. Everyone is treated with respect and solidarity is assumed.And I am in the group, daily, personally answering questions and adding to conversations. I want to be there to help you continue the journey...because GOD KNOWS I wish I had had someone so invested in my growth in the past!... The subjects I teach on are things I deeply believe offer keys to fulfilment and liberation. And like all important things, they need to be discussed and integrated in a space where EVERYONE can be AUTHENTIC and you can ask the questions you have been DYING TO ASK!

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Ancestral Healing

Thursday 9th November 2023
6pm UK time

Check the time in your part of the world here

Ancestral work is so powerful, and it was such a game changer for me when I started doing it. 


In this Masterclass I will be talking about connecting with our well and healed ancestors and how these ancestors can help those that are not yet well and healed after death.


I'll also discuss the importance of the boundaries required and how to form them for yourself when doing this work.


It is our responsibility to help facilitate this healing and help to process some of the repeated patterns of our ancestors that have impacted the world as a whole.  This work will not only help our ancestors, it helps us move forward in our lives and break patterns that will benefit our wider communities.

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Previous Masterclasses

Altar Building

Eco-Friendly Design

In this Masterclass I talk you through all of the different variations of altars that really span the whole collection of spiritual and religious traditions.

I share with you my own personal altar practice and how to make sure that the energy on you Altar/s can be intentional and directed toward your desires.  I teach you how to make your altar/s work for you in the way that I need them to.

Ethical Non-Monogamy

Multilingual Functionality

This Masterclass is for you if you're wondering if ethical non-monogamy would suit you and what it would involve.  Do you want to know how you can build more than one relationship that is open and still rich in communication, whilst understanding the things that can cause problems such as jealousy and misunderstandings?  Would you like to know how to approach a conversation with your partner about exploring non-monogamy?

Authentic Art of Seduction

24/7 Support

In this Masterclass you'll learn how to tap into your authentic seduction, no games or power plays.  I teach you the magickal techniques, personal power practices, and secret tricks to become the most seductive version of yourself that can work across all areas of your life. Watch your life transform.

Connect to Goddess Lilith

Advanced Tech

In this Masterclass I teach you how to connect to the energy of one of the most seductive powers in the universe.  You will learn about Lilith and her energy.  Lilith is often misunderstood, so in this Masterclass I want to share with you more about her history and her true power, and how you can bring this into your daily life. 

By being part of this Masterclass you will then have a place in a powerful seduction practice using ancient traditions.

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In these monthly Masterclasses I teach and discuss the areas of my expertise that I care the most about. I focus on subjects that are often considered taboo, or subjects that have been consistently misrepresented. After 23 years experience as a professional spiritual advisor and mentor, as well as over 20 years in academia, I know how to teach, and I love to share what I know.  I am not afraid to tell it straight, always with my characteristic kindness. 

What people are saying about the Masterclasses

"I have felt INCREDIBLE since the masterclass and the sensations are only picking up intensity. Even though theoretically I thought I was living by desire or intuitively, this has taken it to a whole new level. It’s beyond words. Like power and fluidity at once and I feel the bond with my own pleasure strengthening in such a tangible way. I have so much more I could say but this is just an expression of my gratitude for what has been unlocked."

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"Thoroughly enjoyed this master class. Definitely worth the money! Thought it was extremely informative and creative. The week of WhatsApp was magical to see what other people are thinking, feeling and sharing. If someone was thinking of joining one of these Masterclasses I would highly recommend.   The One sentence I got out of this, that will be completely invaluable to me moving on. “What do I desire?" 

What is a Masterclass?

More of what people are saying about the Masterclasses

"Thank you for sharing so much in this space."

"I didn't anticipate quite how transformative the class would be..."

"The class was spectacular"

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God knows, there are a more than a few 'Spiritual Teachers' out there to choose from, so why should you work with me? I'm a firm believer that you will know your teacher when you find them - it might be a tiny flash of recognition, it might be a pull inside of you to find out more, it might be a collection of cool synchronistic events that led you to finding me and reading this text - either way, there's only really one way to find out if we're the right fit; come along to one of my classes and find out!

To sooth the rational mind (an essential faculty) here are the practical reasons I am better positioned than most people to be your guide on the next step of your Spiritual path:


I’m unlike any other spiritual teacher out there, with a mix of high-level practical teaching experience, a high level of intelligence (that helps me to know what you need and when), an unparalleled connection to my spirit guides and over 20 years of spiritual practice that gives me the structure to teach and lead you.

And – perhaps more importantly – I care. So much. Every single client matters and I go all in to help you create the upgrade you need in your life.

I am a doctor of Theology, with a DPhil from the university of Oxford, focusing on mystical traditions. I’m a master teacher to large groups and in one-to-one sessions with many different clients – from Oxford Undergraduates to Hollywood stars.

I have studied within, and been initiated by, the ancient esoteric groups most spiritual teachers have only heard of, and I am one of the most powerful psychics in the world, able to pinpoint exactly how you need support. 

I’m committed to your success and will provide you with the support, love and guidance you need to have huge soul breakthroughs into sacred success.

I will make you feel like you’ve finally come home.

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