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Love, Relationships & Dating

I want for you and your relationships to thrive but I don't believe in following in any rules that don't feel right for you.  I refuse to be dogmatic and am here to help you find your own way to be authentic in relationships and find ways that enable everyone to flourish  

Ways to work with me and transform your relationships


Why work with me?

God knows, there are a more than a few 'Spiritual Teachers' out there to choose from, so why should you work with me? I'm a firm believer that you will know your teacher when you find them - it might be a tiny flash of recognition, it might be a pull inside of you to find out more, it might be a collection of cool synchronistic events that led you to finding me and reading this text - either way, there's only really one way to find out if we're the right fit; come along to one of my classes and find out!

Once you understand that the whole universe is basically a mycelium of connections and links, you just have to try and find the right collection of portals to access that mycelium. There are all sorts of different ways in which you can do that. When you have a very clear intention about what you’re looking for, what you want to do becomes really, really easy once you have found your portal. There are many powerful portals available to access the mycelium of the universe, and if you enter it with your clear intention, you’re golden. You cannot fail.

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