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12 Days of Christmas

Packages that will transform your love & dating life, business success & spiritual development in 2023


Day 1 (OFFER ON UNTIL 13 Dec 12PM GMT)

Double Masterclass Package £69


Lifetime access to my two most popular Masterclasses;

Tinder Magick and Seduction. 


These Masterclasses are packed with ways to expand and transform your seductiveness and dating life, including rituals and magick spells.


Day 2 (OFFER ON UNTIL 14 Dec 12PM GMT)

WhatsApp Day Bundle £599 (normally £1299)

Access to two Masterclasses and one full day of support with Kate

One day of WhatsApp support direct with me to tackle all things dating and relationships.

We will create two different dating profiles that will call in EXACTLY the type of person/s you want


I will create a magickal dating spell specific to you.


Day 3 (OFFER ON UNTIL 15 Dec 12PM GMT)

Coaching Bundle £6k or £2k per month for 3 months (normally £12k)

Three months dating coaching, WhatsApp support Mon-Fri

& two Masterclasses

Three months of coaching with me to bust through and clear any relationship blocks.  We will meet every month on zoom and access to me on WhatsApp Mon to Fri.


We will create your dating profiles and​ you'll have real-time support & advice on what to write/say/ respond to messages.


I will create a magickal dating spell specific to you and you will access custom magickal rituals to support you in showing up as the most powerful & authentic version of yourself.


Day 4 we are leaving this one open as its so special!

A Special Masterclass about Lilith - the first time I have offered this!

Grab your spot for £77

Group Lilith Masterclass followed by Seduction Ritual & Spell

Learn how to connect to the energy of one of the most seductive powers in the universe. This is a 45 minute group session with me to learn about Lilith and the esoteric energy of seduction, followed by a place in a powerful seduction spell using ritual magick. This is very special


Day 5 (OFFER ON UNTIL 17 Dec 12PM GMT)

The Digital Business Bundle £99 (normally £247)

Access two of my most popular courses to transform your business and relationship to money!


Boundaries for Women in Business & Spiritual Money Upgrade

Perhaps you run a successful business of your own but feel sick to the stomach saying no. Does the thought of setting your prices make you want to vomit, and the idea of putting your prices UP make you want to pass out? Do you want to upgrade your relationship with money and feel more at ease with your money goals?  Grab these courses now!


Day 6 (OFFER ON UNTIL 18 Dec 12PM GMT)

In depth business reading £599 (normally £3k)

In depth Business Reading to help take your business to the next level. Having a reading saves you wasting time and energy as I share with you what you need to know. The reading will help you to rapidly clear blocks, identify your business’ strengths and what might be needed for the business weaknesses.


Day 7 (OFFER ON UNTIL 19 Dec 12PM GMT)

Plot your path to 6 figures - VIP Day £1,500 (normally £5,000)

A VIP day in London or Zoom with business strategist Jane de Vos and spiritual mentor Dr Kate. 


We will start with an in depth business reading with me to uncover the essence of your business, rapidly identify blocks to success, and crystalise the way forward.


You will then spend 3 hours with Jane de Vos, Strategy Consultant and my Chief Operations Officer, to create a 6 month plan of action. You will be clear on your priorities and projects for the next 6 months and have a clear path to success.


Day 8 (OFFER ON UNTIL 20 Dec 12PM GMT)

Six months of business & intuitive support


£10k pay in full or £2k p/m for 5 months

(normally £25k to work this closely together in your business)

You know that magick is real, and energy is powerful you just don't know how to harness them to really move your business to the next level. 


We will work together one-2-one for six months so you can harness your power and move your business forward in a way that feels authentic to you.

We will have monthly zooms and one week of WhatsApp a month too as we work through any blocks, crystallise actions that need to be taken and rapidly move things forward.

This is going to be transformative for your business in 2023!


Day 9 (OFFER ON UNTIL 21 Dec 12PM GMT)

Connect with your Spirit Guides full course for £9...

What would it be like to have STRONG, CLEAR and  ACCURATE  spiritual guidance?

When you have access to your Spirit Guides you

  • Make difficult decisions with ease and certainty

  • Have a confidence you’ve never experienced before

  • Feel spiritually aligned and act as such

  • Never feel lonely or disconnected again

  • Have a sense of deep calm even when in the midst of drama

  • KNOW what to do when it really matters


Day 10 (OFFER ON UNTIL 22 Dec 12PM GMT)

Buy five Masterclasses for £245 (would normally be £345)

Masterclasses are normally £69 each but you can buy five upfront for £245 now and apply it to whichever ones you want to attend next year.

This includes to transformational week of WhatsApp group chat where I continue to answer questions and offer guidance on the subject.

We haven't announced the full schedule yet but there will be one on tarot cards and readings, boundaries, building an alter and due to popular demand - some dating/love ones too!


Day 11 (OFFER ON UNTIL 23 Dec 12PM GMT)

Personal in depth reading for half the price.  £750 instead of £1500

Readings with me are an intense and deeply meaningful journey that we go on together. I have an unusually strong and clear connection to the energy and information available to us all, and when that ability to access information is focussed on you and your life, incredible fine-grained details emerge. Messages from the Universe are clear and direct, powerfully accurate and impactfully pertinent. You leave a reading feeling SEEN and UNDERSTOOD sometimes for the first time in your life. You will have actionables, direct guidance and specific information that you might tale years to access otherwise.

If you are being called to go deeper and listen to what the Universe wants you to know. If you want to step into the nurturing container I create around a psychic reading which helps you get the most juice out of it, then grab this offer!


Day 12 (OFFER ON UNTIL 24 Dec 6PM GMT)

Get The Spiritual Life Upgrade 2023 VIP package for half price.

The VIP SLU package includes a monthly one-2-one call with me which is normally £12k for the year but I am offering it at £6k today.


The Spiritual Life Upgrade is a 12 month immersive experience.  Its an in depth training in energy work with group mentorship, led by myself and other highly skilled coaches.  It is formed of an intentional and in depth curriculum, structured online learning and practical tools you will learn to use and be able to make real change immediately.  We also have monthly small tutorial groups for you to bring questions and insights as you work through the learnings.  You will be joining a community of other badass humans where you will find kindness, compassion and solidarity.

Connect with your Spirit Guides Free Meditation

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