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Affiliate Terms



I'm thrilled you're interested in helping me spread the word about my work and want to join us in spreading these products far and wide so as to help and empower as many women as possible.

Everyone in our Spiritual Life Upgrade membership get their own affiliate link but if you aren't in our membership but would like to apply to be affiliate please email us.


All of the products you can share as an affiliate can be found here, just click in to find out more and if you want to share it, click where shown to get your unique link to the sales page.


Most products offer a 10% commission. All will be paid 30 days after original purchase, automatically into your Paypal account.


Thank you SO much for joining me. I appreciate each and every one of you.


If you need anything, or you get stuck, email Jenny at and she will get right back to you.


**You may use your affiliate link with your friends and family but you are also welcome to use it on your social media, website and/or offer to your email list** 


This is why we just need to collect a bit more information... 


Before anything else, please do fill in this very quick and easy affiliate agreement. 




Selling with integrity.


The most important value I hold is integrity - and chances are every person who wants to be an affiliate for me, also holds this value. 

As long as you can say hand on heart that you truly believe the product you are promoting really helps people, rest assured, you are acting in integrity in promoting it.


The first thing to do is to get to know the product, understand who it's for and how it can help them. Then share it in your own language so it feels authentic. I will be providing some swipe copy to help you, but nothing is better than your own voice. Only sell the product if you truly believe it will help your audience, that's half the battle! If you believe, then so will they! And it WILL help them!


Be aware of the problem the product solves and start talking about that before you share any link. Think it’s important to make it clear that you are an affiliate and may receive a commission, but that’s easy:


‘I'm really proud to be an affiliate for this program, and if you buy it I may receive a commission. But rest assured, I don't promote anything I don't fully believe in, and this is one of those products I love so much I would be sharing with you in anyway!’


Add your affiliate link to your social profiles. On Twitter you can add it within your bio, on Facebook you can add it to your page as an offer, service or product or within the Groups you run, on Instagram you can add them to LinkTree if you're using that. 


Pin your unique URLs to Pinterest with an eye catching graphic and description that will mean it will turn up in more searches.


Create a 'Recommendations' page on your website and link them there. 

Add them to any relevant blog posts on your website, or in a website side-bar or footer.


Add one to your email signature. 


Create evergreen social posts to keep sharing the freebies or the sales pages.


When you get into conversations on hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, or in Groups on Facebook or LinkedIn, and somebody is asking questions about a problem that one of the products solves, then offer to help them and share it as a resource.


Create general posts of your experience of working with me or using one of the products, and then share your link.


Create a post about your recent experiences in your business and if any of my products have helped you with that, share the link and why it's so good. Then use this post as a blog post, LinkedIn post, social post and email to your list. 


Think about where you've been stuck, where you've been confused or overwhelmed. Think about what you've needed to really help you out of a spot. And use all of those great experiences to tell your story and then share the products. 


Run a mini-promo over a week and add your own bonuses that compliment any of my products to help get your stuff out there too. It could be a lovely idea to bundle up some great things for people.


Do a Live talking about your recent experiences and share the link to help others.


K x

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